Bedroom Feng Shui Tips To Invite  More Harmony, Love and Romance Into Your Relationship.

We continue with our Top 16 Bedroom Feng Shui Tips to bring more harmony, love and happiness into your relationship.  Feng Shui tips on this page should be used especially if you feel separation or lack of harmony and balance in your relationship.

5. Bedroom Feng Shui tips for protecting against infidelity. 

If you feel that your partner has a roving eye, place a raw amethyst tied with a red string under the bottom section of your bed on your side.  The color red in Feng Shui is believed to safeguard your love and amethysts are excellent in protecting against infidelity. 

You can also place a beautiful red light in your bedroom and keep it turned on to bind you and your partner more closely together. 

6. Here’s a Bedroom Feng Shui tip for a King Size bed you must do!

Your king size bed has a box spring on the bottom covered with a king mattress.  The box spring has a hidden split in the middle. 

Feng Shui Bedroom principles suggest that this split divides you from your spouse and is not healthy for a good relationship. 

So what is the Feng Shui Bed cure? 

Very simple. 

Remove the top mattress (you will need help lifting it). Place a red fitted sheet on the box spring so it covers the division as well as the entire box spring.  Don't forget to tuck the ends underneath. 

Why the red color? 

Red is a powerful yang color.  It seals this split of energy and creates a strong and supportive foundation for you and your partner. 

7.  Feng Shui Bedroom Tip to encourage balance in your relationship

To ensure the correct balance of yin and yang energy in the marriage it
is important that you and your partner sleep on the correct side of the bed. 

The woman should always sleep on her husband's right side (when you are both lying on your back). 

The husband should sleep on the left hand side. 

This will help to ensure appreciation and balance in the relationship. 

8.  A simple way to invite balance and harmony into your bedroom and into your life.

To encourage positive Bedroom Feng Shui, your bed should have the same access space on both sides of the bed. 

Ideally you should place two nightstands with soft corners as well as two beautiful night lamps with supportive bedroom colors on each side of the bed.

Don't forget about Always think in 2's Feng Shui Bedroom Rule.  Even if you are single
always place everything in 2's in your sacred room - two lamps, two pillows, two candles, 2 paintings etc.

This equal and balanced furniture arrangement invites new love to a single person and
it assures equality, sharing and harmony in a marriage or relationship. 

Feng Shu iBedroom principles recommend to place your bed in the commanding position to further empower you.

9. Remove any water images, fountains or fish tanks from the bedroom.

Bedroom Feng Shui tips emphasize that water in your bedroom can create financial loss
or relationship problems - including loss of passion as water cools down the fire.

According to Feng Shui principles flowing water represents your flow of prosperity. 

So if your Feng Shui Wealth Corner is in your Bedroom use only colors or decorative features (no water fountains) to emphasize this corner.  Use our simple Feng ShuiBagua Map to locate your Feng Shui Money/Wealth areas in your bedroom and in your house.

You can find your Feng Shui Money Area in your living room or family room and can place your water pictures or fountains in these more active areas of your home instead. 

If you can't remove an aquarium out of your bedroom immediately, definitely cover it at night or use a decorative separating screen instead. 

10. A bedroom Feng Shui tip on how to avoid stagnant chi and keep your beneficial bedroom
energy beautifully moving.

Your Feng Shui Bedroom arrangement needs to support your health and vitality.This is allowed when chi or life energy can flow freely throughout your room.

Avoid placing your bed directly under a window as it disturbs energies around you and allows beneficial chi to move out too fast.  In addition, window over your bad signifies lack of backing and loss of energy that supports your relationship.

If you can't move your bed to a different position, install windows covers or
shutters on that window.  Keep your window covers shut all night as it will help to
retain the good energy that supports relationship and love.

Remove any stuff that you store under your bed as it creates stagnant chi and
subconsciously prevents you from moving forward. 

Crowded storage space under your bed can also energetically block you if you are trying to get pregnant.  Get the stuff out and see an immediate change in the way you feel. 

In addition, beds with drawers are undesirable as well.  They encourage clutter and create confusion for people using the bed.  If you have to have drawers under your bed, keep the inside very simple and organized by storing large items like nicely folded blankets and sheets. 

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