Feng Shui tips and other simple things you can do TODAY to help You bring love, prosperity and harmony into your life.

Harmony is a beautiful flow of life....

Feng Shui tips and other valuable advice on this site
will tell you everything you need to know
to improve every aspect of your life.

Yes, you can have happy marriage, healthy family, prosperity and success.....

You CAN have it all!

You are reading this web site because you want a change. Whatever it is you wish for, start by focusing on changing your home - place that continually affects you.

Feng Shui is based on the idea that everything around you affects the course of your life.

Every piece of furniture, and object in your home gives off energy that affects you.  Every person, situation, words or inner thought will either energize you or deplete you. 

Realize that changing your surroundings changes the energy around you.

As you improve your home Feng Shui, you will notice improvement in every other area of your life, motivation, energy, mood, health, relationships and success.

 Feng Shui is essentially about feeling good and prospering in your life.

But that's not all....

Besides easy and effective Feng Shui Tips and secrets to harmonize your home, relationships, and work, this site will also tell you how You can bring harmony back into your life using:

Valuable natural remedies and health tips that can help to restore your health, motivation and joy of life. Without health you can't enjoy life to its fullest potential.   

Advice on modern "invisible" dangers you need to be aware of and avoid, especially when being sick, having children or moving into new house or an apartment. 

and much more.....

First, You will discover easy to apply Feng Shui tips to improve every aspect of your life.

And yes it really works!

Feng Shui, or also how you position yourself on the Earth and
present yourself to others, has such a strong effect on your life, that ancient prophets,
rated it right after your Destiny and Luck!!

Remember:  There is litte you can change about your Destiny or Luck.

There is a LOT you can do to enhance and attract health, wealth and happiness.

Feng Shui is very powerful in harmonizing the flow of natural energies.  And it works
on both levels physical and a psychological. 

On the other hand, negative impact of Feng Shui is strongest when the problems you are experiencing are caused by poor Feng Shui in the first place.  You have to correct it as soon as you can.

You'll learn how to:

  • spot bad Feng Shui, correct negative chi and move stuck chi in your home
  • learn to invite flow of nurturing chi to your front door
  • prevent chi from flowing out the back door
  • use feng shui decorating tips to open up hallways as they are the veins and arteries of your home. 
  • create the best Feng Shui in your bedroom by applying simple cures, picking the best bed position, colors and window treatments and removing problem items from bedroom and more....
  • learn to do simple analysis of kitchen, dining room, living room, children's room, bathroom and place powerful Feng Shui symbols to positively energize these rooms
  • apply Feng Shui wealth tips to activate your home and office power spots for abundance and prosperity.
  • apply Feng Shui tips for your home office and desk
  • use cubicle Feng Shui for career advancement, salary increase or new job
  • use feng shui business tips to design powerful business card and logo to get an unfair advantage over your competitors.
  • use poweful Feng Shui symbols such as Feng Shui fountains, coins, crystals, wind chimes, candles, plants to create path for chi to nurture your home and health
  • and how to apply cures and enhancements, how to  move furniture for better flow of energy and apply powerful Feng Shui cures


We will cover the most common areas that needs Feng Shui help such as:   

  • feng shui bedroom tips for loving relationship
  • feng shui love tips to find the right partner
  • cubicle feng shui to improve your career
  • feng shui in the house
  • best feng shui colors to feel great in every room 
  • feng shui home office tips for profitable business and income
  • feng shui living room advice to help create comfortable room
  • feng shui mirror, crystals and other cures

As you will improve flow of energy or feng shui in your house and work place, this shift in energy will change the way you think.  You will notice positve changes in every other area - your health, relationships, love, finance and career..... 

More harmonious and balanced environment will motivate you to take charge of your life and achieve your dreams.... 

We will be with you every step of the way....

We will show you in easy steps how you can place objects to direct movement of chi through your home and work areas so that it nurtures your life and brings you the "Three Great Blessings" health, wealth and happiness. 

To make our Feng Shui tips, rules and advice easy to follow, we will provide many photos, drawings and charts.  We will also ask you to share with us your Feng Shui Makeover success story, to share with other readers.  It will encourage them to make positive changes in their lives as well.   

Sometimes it takes only small shift in energy to finally open up the road for blessings to come to you.

And what other simple things can you do to live happier and healthier life?

There are many pressing questions and concern's today's women and men face.  There is not always enough time to do a good research to find best solutions. 

Therefore we cover some additional issues that are connected to your health, inner beauty and well being.  We will share our best and inexpensive tips to stay healthy and fit including:

-how to restore balance in your body and take charge of your health using natural remedies and superfoods. 

1. Learn about foods and herbs you can use every day to supercharge your immune system and energy:

How about making your own kefir (yougurt) loaded with fresh, live probiotics that can eliminate your sweet cravings, restore your digestive system health and detoxify heavy metals?    All for pennies a day. 

2. Restore the health of your digestive system - kick out fungus and dangerous bacteria out of your body with antifungal, antiviral and anti bacterial superfoods.

Most of us need to learn about Candida and how to eliminate it.   Yeast infection and other fungal infections, Irritable Bowel Syndrom, Skin problems and many other SERIOUS health problems are caused by Candida overgrowth.  Medications usually don't cure the problem, and infections, diseases come back. 

Learn which herbs, remedies and foods can fight fungal overgrowth.  With today's overconsumption of antibiotics, sugars, corn syrup, additives, white flour etc. unhealthy gut and Candida overgrowth causes serious problems and it even affects many of our children. 

3.  Detox, Detox, Detox

If you desire healthy body and strong immune system, cleansing heavy metals, avoiding dangerous food additives and chemicals and re-balancing your blood sugar with proper diet is a must.

Our bodies are well designed to cleanse themselves.  However, they need to be properly nourished with minerals, enzymes, healthy oils and vitamins.  

Inexpensive superfoods like Chlorela for instance, can provide excellent nutrients, valuable minerals, protects against cavities, feeds good gut bacteria and help to detoxify dangerous heavy metals. 

4.  Keep your home non-toxic and healthy. 

Learn how to create non toxic home, how to avoid dangerous electromagnetic energies such as those from the cell phone towers or your home wifi. 

5. Re-charge for FREE

Learn to re-charge your body energy by Earthing that can re-store your health and energy and alleviate many painful problems in just 30 minutes per day. 

In summary we will share with you simple natural remedies and valuable tips to help you get rid of chronic problems and improve your health naturally.  

As you harmonize and balance your home and work environment with Feng Shui, you can use this additional advice and support for spiritual, health and personal improvement.  We will also provide links and resources for many great experts, integrative or natural doctors should you need more health advice. 

Healthy Planet = Healthy Us

Please always keep in mind that we all contribute to the money flow around the globe.  Purchasing products, makes us to realize how the money we've spent will spread through many different countries. 

By making decision to purchase eco friendly, organic, Non-GMO products we contribute greatly to protecting and saving our beautiful environment for us and our children. 

We are all interconnected with all of nature.  Our well being and home environment needs to be restored by honoring Mother Nature. 

We all should strive to live beautiful, healthy and successful lives while being kind to the environment. 

It all adds up!

What to expect from Feng Shui?

  • harmonized Feng Shui in your home will help you achieve your full potential
  • with Feng Shui you will experience increase physical and spiritual enjoyment
  • Feng Shui will create happier and more comfortable home environment for all
  • better sleep, improvement in overall health and less stress 

Other possible effects of applying Feng Shui tips can be quite magical:

  • new fulfilling romantic relationship
  • more attention and understanding from your partner
  • sudden promotion at your job
  • salary increase or bonus
  • improvement in your child's overall behavior or health
  • sudden surge in new ideas, motivation and energy to accomplish things

Once you create harmony with Feng Shui tips and rules, everything seems to go your way and new opportunities seems to crop up from everywhere. 

With our powerful Feng Shui money tips and wealth cures your income might increase substantially. 

Feng Shui home office, cubicle, and career tips will help you to finally take your career to the next level. 

Feng Shui bedroom tips will help you balance your love and hectic life so you can finally feel loved, understood and well cared for....

Our Feng Shui bedroom color tips, position of bed and other decorating tips will also help you to create a bedroom sanctuary where you can rest and heal. 

But that's not all.  Only on our site you will find Feng Shui tips for bedroom, love and relationship including: 

  • valuable Feng Shui tips to find the one
  • advice to improve your marriage and relationship
  • simple Feng Shui cures to immediately bring more love and equality into your marriage
  • best Feng Shui bedroom colors
  • all Feng Shui bed tips and cures you must know, including Feng Shui cure for split mattress
  • powerful Feng Shui love symbols
  • decorating ideas for your Feng Shui relationship spot

Use our powerful Feng Shui career tips to get a dream job or salary increase, including indispensible Feng Shui cubicle tips.

  • learn to find the best Feng Shui office desk position and layout tips to ensure flow of prosperity and harmony in your office
  • reveal incredibly simply yet very powerful Feng Shui tips for office desk and chair, including how to apply Bagua to your office desk
  • apply Feng Shui office symbols to help you advance in your career or close more sales
  • bring best Feng Shui career symbols for maximum good fortune and protection
  • reveal feng Feng Shui office cubicle tips, including office cures to help you get promotion and salary increase

Feng Shui office tips for the Boss, Business Owner or Manager

  • use our Feng Shui office advice and symbols to bring harmony among your employes and increase in prosperity
  • use ancient tactics to generate more sales and profits
  • use Feng Shui symbols for powerful protection from your enemies and bad energies
  • use Feng Shui rules to protect and increase your reputation
  • apply simple office Feng Shui layout tips to ensure productive working environment and minimize conflicts with clients or employees
  • take advantage of Feng Shui business card design tips - Get an an unfair advantage over your competitors...
  • and much more
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