How To Clear Negative Energy You Picked Up From Other People

I observed how to clear negative energy from others when I was growing up back in my old country Slovakia (formally Czechoslovakia) many times. 

Even though we lived in a fairly large town of wonderful city of Kosice, the rest of our family lived in smaller villages dispersed around the Eastern borders with Ukraine.

Many traditions, old ways of healing and protecting against negativity come from those small villages tucked away in the forests and hills of beautiful Easter European countries.

These simple cures have been passed from generation to generation and even today you see young moms using their grandma's advice to protect newborn babies from negative people, clear negative energy from problem causing neighbors, or even bad wishing family members. 

So as I visited my grandma and other family members often, I could observe how to protect against bad energy and how to clear negative energy from other people. 

For instance, if you had your family and friends visit you and your newborn baby, you sat, talked and shared a few laughs.

But as soon as they left, your child started to cry and cry for no apparent reason and even had a slight fever or became noticeably restless.

"That's From The Eyes", my grandma would say. 

She would make Tiny Coals Cure and the baby would stop crying and peacefully calm down in 5-10 minutes.   She would also clear the entire home with sage.  Then she would bless it by repeating with pure intention: "Bless this home with pure love and light."  Everything then returned to normal. 

Noticing negative energy absorbed from others and immediately clearing them was just a normal way of life back then. 

Why do you need to know how to clear negative energy absorbed from others and do it regularly?

My grandma would always say that older people that get sick easily and newborn babies especially can be very easily affected by negative energy from other people around them. 

Today, babies otherwise healthy and well that will start to suddenly cry for long periods of time are many times labeled by doctors with mysterious reasons - like colic, gas or indigestion for instance.  And parents are left with no real help or cure only many sleepless nights, feeling sad and helpless. 

A few know that these babies might be relieved by regular clearing from negative energy that they absorbed from certain people during visits at home or outside.  Learn these easy techniques on how to clear negative energy and keep your baby energetically protected and well too. 

Of course,  this can happen to anyone anywhere for instance at work, in the bus, in school, in a restaurant... and sometimes a person might not have any bad intentions against you at all. 

This usually happens when you come into contact with one or more people filled with negative thoughts, emotions, mental tensions and "Why Me?" victim mentality. 

These low emotions if directing toward you will translate into energy or certain vibrations that will lower your energy/vibrations thus making you feel weak and not yourself.

Clear Negative Energy

If someone who is negative focuses on you - you may or may not be aware of it. 

My grandma used to say that the eyes of people have very strong power! 

"If someone gives you a bad look accompanied by bad words - that's very bad"! she used to say. 

This negative energy transfer is called "From The Eyes"

You can be affected by lower energies at any moment

For example, you leave home feeling happy and well, but after attending an event you come back with strong pulsating headaches, feeling nauseous or feeling weak and emotionally drained.  Or you experience explosions of anger, fear or worry.  Everything  falls out of your hands. 

You can feel something is not right!  And you are correct.  You were affected by negativity from low energy people talking and looking at you at the event. 

As we said certain people usually with high stress, fear or constant worrying, complaining or internal tensions and nervousness are able to cause problems to other people even without malice. 

So learn how to clear from negativity and don't hesitate to use it regularly if you suspect you need it. 

Negative Energy From Family Members Can Be Very Strong and Hurtful.

The strongest curse is the family curse.  If mother, father or other family members in a burst of anger says something bad to the child or young adult it will affect both the child as well as the person that said it as the hatred comes back. 

My grandma always used to remind me that words have very strong power and we have to be careful how we are using them. 

Hurtful words can't be taken back.  It's so important to calm down first and think before you speak. 

The more we care about the other person or the deeper connection we have with them the more damage can be done.  That's why a lot of negative energy can be transferred during heated family arguments or even during family events. 

Make sure any disagreements with any family members are cleared and resolved before any big life events such as weddings, anniversaries, Christenings or even funerals as these are places for family to get together, not further apart.   And memories will last forever, make them good ones.

These events always carry a lot of energy.  Everybody's energy and emotions are charged up and more powerful therefore  you can get easily affected positively or negatively at those moments.  Bless your event, church, building, waiters, cooks etc days before and carry that feeling with you during the event, blessing everybody and everything as well. 

If you simply can't resolve your issue and  you decide instead not to invite the family members you have a deep disagreement with, you must completely forgive them in your heart  and bless them.  Otherwise you remain hostage to your and their negative thoughts and energy. 

Free yourself completely by learning how to protect against negativity by using our Powerful Forgiveness Cure.     

If you feel stuck in your current life or if you feel that some of the areas in your life need more improvement learn how to manifest your desires into your life with this Manifestation Miracle!

How To Clear Negative Energy from Your Food

 On the other hand, my grandma would never eat a meal prepared by her mother in law or her husband after they had an argument.  Why?  Have you ever became sick after eating out and interestingly nothing happened to the rest of your friends? 

If the cook was thinking about a bad fight or argument he had in the morning which made him feel upset, angry and hateful while preparing your dish, unknowingly he or she transferred a lot of toxic energy into the food.

This food has changed vibrations and made you sick.  Just don't get too paranoid, it doesn't happen that often.  But be aware and skip the meal if someone makes it for you after any disagreement or family argument.  On the other hand if it is possible you can always Bless your food before you eat it to change its vibration

In the past, people instinctively blessed their food with their loved ones daily to set positive attitude and energy before starting meal with their loved ones. 

The Easiest Way To Increase Your Positive Energy

As you can see, the biggest blessing is to be surrounded by well wishing, balanced and loving people.  People that give out love, support and kindness naturally. 

My grandma used to say :

Good human beings = Kind eyes

I'm sure you met people like that and you know how good it feels to be surrounded by their loving energy field.   Their positive energy is contagious making you feel empowered, happy and strong.  Your life will be blessed if those close to you are positive people, they pray for you and wish you only the very best. 

On the other hand it will benefit you in every possible way to cut ties and avoid anyone that drains you or makes you feel down.   When you can't control your environment and who you meet - make sure you know how to clear negative energy and use it often to rebalance yourself using our Forgiveness Cure or Tiny Coals Cure.    

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