How To Correct a Missing Bagua Area.

Any missing Bagua Area (Life Area) blocks the flow of energy and can hold you back from achieving your full potential. 

In order for each important area of your life to advance, you must energize and balance every Life Area of Bagua Map. 

Homes that come in regular shape such as square or rectangle support harmonious flow of energy naturally.  Once you properly enhance all Bagua Life Areas, you will experience good luck, fortune, strong health and other positive benefits that come with regular shapes and harmonious energy flow. 

However, if any part of the home or lot are missing you need to decide if you have a projection for more blessings or a missing area that needs to be energized. 

Exterior Cures For Missing Feng Shui Bagua Corner

If part of your home that is missing is one third or less than the entire side of the house then you have a missing area that needs to be corrected

 Missing Bagua Area can create problems or deficiencies in the corresponding Life Area.

For instance, in the picture above the Feng Shui Bagua Area for Wealth and Prosperity is missing.  It is very important to complete the shape symbolically using Exterior or Interior Feng Shui cures.

If you live in a house with backyard you can apply exterior enhancements.  If you live in an apartment or have no yard you will need to apply interior cures only. 

Exterior Feng Shui cures are very powerful and can bring immediate improvements to your missing Bagua Area. 

To energize and bring stability back you literally anchor the missing area and bring it back into your subconscious and ultimately into your life. 

1. Good ways to energize your Feng Shui Wealth and Money Area on the outside would be to place water fountain or koi pond, large flag, or plant larger shrub with purple flowers in the corner to symbolically complete the area.

You simply need to place any of these symbols on the outside spot where the 2 walls of your home would meet if they would make a perfect square or rectangle.

To further strengthen missing Wealth area you can also make simple Feng Shui Cures for missing bagua area inside your home.   

2. Imagine that you are missing Feng Shui Love Area which is far right area of your house when you align Bagua with your main front door.  

To re-activate this important area and bring love, understanding and appreciation back into your life, you need to enhance and energize Feng Shui Love corner.  

Excellent Feng Shui love symbols to use would be something as simple as two beautiful large rocks, statue of romantic couple, statue of love birds or inviting bench for two. 

Always keep in mind to place everything in two's in your Feng Shui Love Gua. 

Never one thing, never single person.  

Click here to download and print our Good Feng Shui Enhancement Bagua to help cure a missing bagua area.  It's easy to use and help you decide on the most effective items, shapes and colors for your Feng Shui cures. 

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