Top 16 Feng Shui Bedroom Tips That Are Easy To Apply For Increased Love Life, Health & Happiness. 

Our Feng Shui bedroom tips will show you how you can enhance your bedroom Feng Shui fairly quickly and easily and see improvements in many parts of your life including love, romance, better relationships and well being. 

Your bedroom is considered to be one of the most important rooms in Feng Shui.  It nourishes the energy or Chi of the adults which in turn feeds the rest of the family members especially children. 

It is critical to create nourishing and supportive flow of energy in your bedroom so your relationship, love, romance and success can flourish.

1. Feng Shui Bedroom Tips for Love - Always think in 2's

Your bedroom should contain only soothing and romantic art. 

All images or decoration should be in pairs of two - 2 love birds, photos or paintings of couples, 2 night lamps, 2 candles, 2 chairs, 2 decorative pillows on the bed etc. to keep your relationship strong and harmonious or to find the one relationship you long to have. 

According to Feng Shui principles, images of female nudes are not desirable.  If you are in the relationship they cause your partner's mind to stray. 

Image or painting of lonely woman is very undesirable in the bedroom as well and should be removed immediately, unless you want to become lonely.  This is very important for those who are looking for a partner as well. 

Symbols such as:

  • a pair of mandarin ducks with a red string tied around each of them or images,
  • statues of loving couples,
  • two birds, two hearts,
  • 2 pink or red candles

or other symbols of love can benefit marriage enormously. 

These love symbols can strengthen marriage bond or help you to find The One. 

They should be placed in the Love Gua of your Bedroom or as beautiful decor to create feeling of love and beauty..

2. Carefully choose images you place in your bedroom.

The images that you place in your home have powerful subconscious impacts on your daily thoughts and emotions. 

Avoid placing any images of aggressive or sneaky animals (tiger, fox, etc.), depressing pictures (sad people or events), chaotic images (abstract art that is too vivid or unsettling) or overpowering images of nature (sea storm) in your bedroom or anywhere in your house.

Feng Shui bedroom tips emphasize that any image you want to place in your bedroom needs to connect with your dreams. 

For instance, if you want to buy a new home for your family, hang a beautiful picture of a home surrounded by nature, flowers and peaceful skies above your bed. 

If you are single and looking for love, hang a picture of a tender, loving couple.

Married or not married yet, to increase love and relationship energy in your bedroom place love symbols such as cupids, hearts, lovebirds, statues, loving couple pictures especially in Feng Shui Love Area of your bedroom.

Especially powerful Feng Shui love symbol is a pair of mandarin ducks. 

This love symbol attracts and energizes your love and romantic relationship.  A beautiful  pair of mandarin ducks made of rose quarts is highly recommended as it's very auspicious for your relationship. 

You can tie a red ribbon around each of the ducks and place them in the Feng Shui Love Area in your bedroom to get the best results.   

3. Feng Shui Bedroom Tip to Enhance Marriage Energy

If you feel that your relationship with your husband or partner has turned a bit sour, you can enhance your marriage energy with crystal balls and rock or quartz crystals. 

All you need to do is find the relationship corner in your bedroom (far right corner when standing at your bedroom door ) and place a beautiful round or oval bowl with seven crystal spheres in your relationship/love corner. 

Make sure that at least one of the crystal spheres is rock or quartz crystal. 
To make this cure even more powerful, place the second bowl with only six crystal spheres on your living room table as well.  Make sure that one of your six crystals is rock or quartz. 

These crystals will create beautiful and supportive energy in your bedroom and improve your relationship.  You will feel subtle change in the energy of your bedroom and the way you feel almost immediately.  To expand this energy even faster say " Thank You, I Love You" each time you pass by them.

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4. Improve Your Relationship With Beautiful Bed and Powerful Bed Placement .

Your bed is the main focus in your bedroom. 

Position and condition of your bed has one of the largest impact on your relationship and health.  You can dramatically improve your relationship with powerful Feng Shui Bed placement.

In addition your relationship can be strengthened with strong bed and solid headboard.

Your bed sheets should be made of cotton and look and feel beautiful. 

The best are materials with soft and round designs including shades of red or pink colors to support love energy in your room and relationships. 

Treat yourself like a queen - always. Why?  When you feel better - your thoughts are better and more positive - better and more positive thoughts create better and more positive actions - which creates better and more positive life.  by Law of Attraction

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After making your bed beautiful and finding the ideal Feng Shui bed position next are a few more Feng Shui Bedroom tips to apply so you can increase health, vitality, love, success and good relationships in your life. 


Use This Incredible and Easy To Apply Technique to Improve Your Life In Every Possible Way

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