3 Easy Ways To Create Good Feng Shui For The Bedroom

To Create Good Feng Shui For The Bedroom start by removing these items.  Once you encourage good Feng Shui to return back to your bedroom you will see amazing changes in your love life, relationships, health and success.   

1. Keep the bedroom a bedroom - a place for rest, rejuvenation, love and relationship.

In today's busy and comfort driven world many of us have started to slowly use the bedroom for other functions like TV watching, computer surfing, the piling of books and magazines for reading in the future, video game playing and even eating. 

All of these activities are very stimulating to your mind and can prevent you from falling and staying asleep. 

Keep in mind that the busier and more hectic your day gets, the more rest and peace you need to restore balance in your body and mind during the night. 

In addition, your relationship communication, passion and intimacy can suffer greatly when instead of talking together, you or your partner watches TV or Facebook posts. 

All these multiple activities in your bedroom bring confusion into your life.  Lack of communication and separation might slowly creep up into your relationship.

Here are Feng Shui for the Bedroom Tips to restore love, intimacy and romance in your relationship.

The TV especially can cause a lot of arguments and loss of intimacy in the relationship. Web surfing causes the same problems.  Don't let others steal your peace of mind.

  • Relocate all TVs, radios, video games or entertainment centers out of your bedroom and into more active rooms in your house. 

You know how it feels when your partner turns into a "zombie" glued to the TV, phone or computer screen. 

Once you take these yang /active functions out of your bedroom you will be pleasantly surprised how your life and relationship improves. 

  • If you have piles of books on your nightstands limit them to 2-3 maximum or better yet, keep them in a drawer.  Books keep your mind thinking and too active. 
  • Keep in mind that you should be able to open your bedroom door fully or a minimum of 90 degrees.  If you have stored items behind the door, you create a block in your life.  If possible, clean the area behind your door as soon as possible to allow your life to fully open up. 

2. Feng Shui For The Bedroom Tip about why you shouldn't work in the bedroom.

According to Feng Shui for the bedroom principles, you should never keep your working desk or computer in your bedroom. 

Logic behind this Feng Shui Bedroom Tip tells us that sleeping is passive and yin.  Office working on the other hand is yang or active. 

A home office simply brings too much active energy into what should be a passive room. Also being constantly reminded about work deadline and things to do bring more stress into your mind at the time when you are suppose to relax and wind down.  This disturbs your good night’s sleep as well.

Not so good Feng Shui for your work either:

Another problem is that you might not be able to fully concentrate on your work. 

  • The bed is right there, looking so inviting and you are more prone to take a nap than to finish you work. 
  • You might not be in the command position while working.  Your desk is probably cramped into a small corner.  This leaves you with no control over your finances. 

If you don't have a separate room for the home office, the better alternative would be either the kitchen or the dining room. 

If you must have your office in the bedroom, separate these two areas with a screen or curtain. 

Turn off all your office equipment at night and cover it with an attractive cover.  

This way you reduce EMF and you won't be reminded about your work or possibly be stressed out because of your work when you go to sleep. 

3. Follow this Feng Shui For The Bedroom tip and your partner might thank you for it.

Unless you want to feel tired and worn out all the time, remove your exercise gear from the bedroom.  Again, your exercise equipment has a very yang /active and stimulating energy. 

Your bedroom, on the other hand, should have a winding down and calming energy.

Additionally,having exercise equipment in your bedroom tells you subconsciously that you need to work out hard and also that you must work hard at your relationship.  Like that stationary bike - it takes a lot of effort but doesn't take your anywhere.

Avoid storing your exercise equipment under your bed. 

Space under your bed needs to stay clear and clean to allow the life energy to freely flow.  If you absolutely must work out in your bedroom, find a way to nicely cover your gear so it isn't the first thing you see when you wake up or the last thing you see before you go sleep. 

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