Are You Earthing Or Grounding Yet?

Earthing or grounding simply means to be connected to the Mother Earth

Latest research confirms what older generations used instinctively:

that the Earth is soothing, healing,

cleansing and strengthening....

This healing effects will only happen if we take off our shoes and walk or sit barefoot on the natural ground. 

Just as you do when you going to the beach, lake, camping or gardening. 

Our bodies are designed to absorb this healing energy from the Earth in the form of electrons that act as the most powerful antioxidants

Modern research indicates that adequate supply of Earth's electrons is needed regularly to protect body from inflammation, stress, dirty or static electricity and host of other modern diseases. 

For most of our past people used to have regular contact with the Earth - walking barefoot, sleeping on the ground or sleeping on wet animal skins. Learn more about amazing health benefits of earthing.

How today's modern lifestyle helps to destroy your Health

Same as the Mother Earth our bodies are composed mostly of water and minerals which are both excellent conductors of electricity. 

All of our body functions - heart, muscles, brain, immune system, etc are energized by electricity. 

We all need daily exposure to sunlight to help our body produce vitamin D for strong health.  We also need to connect to the Earth with our bare feet to get free electrons to stop inflammation and induce healing.

These days we tend to neglect both sunbathing and earthing. 

On the top of it, we wear shoes everywhere, walk on asphalts and carpets and we sleep on elevated beds made from insulating materials like wood or plastic all the time.

In modern societies we have basically lost our electrical roots.  

In addition, living in our modern world, we are also surrounded by dangerous electromagnetic radiation from our cell phones, Wi-Fi, large screen TV's, computers and all other wireless gadgets. 

Our food is nutrient and mineral poor as we abuse soil and chose to use genetically modified crops with tons of pesticides and herbicides to produces quantity without quality.

No wonder that we are the FIRST generation where our children are less healthy and fit than their parents.

Needless to say, many of us - adults go through life with unnecessary chronic diseases our simple ancestors have not heard about.....

Grounding or reconnecting to Earth's healing energy may be the missing link to restoring your health (In addition to getting enough vitamin D). 

Countless people report significant health benefits and improvements with many chronic conditions with regular grounding or walking barefoot.  

Generally the sicker you are, the more striking the health improvements.

Of course, weather doesn't always allow you to walk barefoot.  In that case you can use Earthing Mat for the same benefits.  

Even extend the healing benefits by sleeping on Earthing Sheets at night as my entire family enjoys.

Read more about amazing health benefits of walking barefoot.

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