Bedroom Feng Shui Tips For Protecting Against Cheating Spouses, Infidelity and Lack of Harmony In Your Love Life.

We continue with our Top 16 Bedroom Feng Shui Tips to bring more harmony, love and happiness into your relationship.  There are simple yet effective ways to protect your relationship from situations where cheating and infidelity creeps in. 

Feng Shui tips on this page help to make your love energy stronger.  In addition these simple yet effective tips help if you feel separation or lack of harmony and balance in your relationship. 

Also don't forget to love yourself first. 

We can't expect to be fully loved and appreciated if we don't fully love and appreciate ourselves first.  There are many wonderful books and videos to help you to find the path to loving yourself first and foremost. 

There is nothing more important then to be good to yourself. 

You can also review our first four bedroom tips for more valuable `information.

5. Bedroom Feng Shui tips for protecting against infidelity. 

If you feel that your partner has a roving eye, place a raw amethyst tied with a red string under the bottom section of your bed on your side. 

The color red in Feng Shui is believed to safeguard your love and amethysts are excellent in protecting against infidelity. 

You can also place a beautiful red light in your bedroom and keep it turned on to bind you and your partner more closely together. 

6.  Feng Shui Bedroom Tip to encourage balance in your relationship

To ensure the correct balance of yin and yang energy in the marriage it
is important that you and your partner sleep on the correct side of the bed. 

The woman should always sleep on her husband's right side (when you are both lying on your back). 

The husband should sleep on the left hand side. 

This will help to ensure appreciation and balance in the relationship. 

7.  A simple way to invite balance and harmony into your bedroom and into your life.

To encourage positive Bedroom Feng Shui, your bed should have the same access space on both sides of the bed. 

Ideally you should place two nightstands with soft corners as well as two beautiful night lamps with supportive bedroom colors on each side of the bed.

Don't forget about Always think in 2's Feng Shui Bedroom Rule.  Even if you are single
always place everything in 2's in your sacred room - two lamps, two pillows, two candles, 2 paintings etc.

This equal and balanced furniture arrangement invites new love to a single person and
it assures equality, sharing and harmony in a marriage or relationship. 

Feng Shu iBedroom principles recommend to place your bed in the commanding position to further empower you.

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