How To Apply Feng Shui Bagua To Every Room Of The House.

Feng Shui Bagua Map can help you to transform your life by improving the energy flow in key areas of your home. 

You can perform cures and attract energies to every room of your house.  This will help you to improve relationships, health, career and bring prosperity into your life. 

How to Use Feng Shui Bagua in any room:

Simply align the Bagua Map with the main entrance door to that particular room

For instance, the picture below shows how to find Relationship / Love Area for your:

  • home
  • yard and
  • specific room

As you can see on the Bagua  Feng Shui Love/Relationship area is always located at the back right corner of any room (when looking from the entry door to that room). 

As you see on the picture below, the Relationship /Love Area of your bedroom is located at the far right corner when aligned with your bedroom door. 

Relationship/Love Area of your home and yard is located at the far right corner when aligned with your front entrance door.

Whatever circumstances you want to change and improve, energizing the Life Guas using The Sacred Bagua is the most effective way to bring positive changes to the under-performing areas of your life.

At this moment perhaps you have had a good success in some areas but other areas  had been causing you difficulties for some time. 

For instance, you might be very successful in your career but your love life feels empty or your health is deteriorating. 

Feng Shui Ba-gua tool teaches you how to apply simple enhancements to maximize strenghts and minimize weaknesses in your home.  Knowledge is power.

Once the balance is restored in your rooms, house and yard with this simple yet very effective Feng Shui method, your life and success will improve dramatically. 

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