Best Ways To Clear Negative Energy

We all should clear negative energy regularly.  Just as we clean our hands, hair and body and our homes from dirt, we should also clear our aura and keep our homes, cars, workplaces energetically clean.  

Even a small amount of negative energy like short talk with a negative person for instance, can linger in our minds for too long and easily spoil the rest of our day. 

Negative energy attracts more negative events, people and circumstances. It accumulate under certain conditions very quickly and knocks you off your natural balance and well-being.  .  

How to clear negative energy from other people, how to protect your baby or child from negativity and what cure to use to clear negative energy are all parts of this useful section.

This page explains why it is critical to clear negative energy if you buy anything old or used and in most cases you don't know the history of the items.  Before you bring anything to your home or office old items must be cleared of any negative vibes they absorbed.       

Classic example are jewelry pieces that can bring very bad luck to the new owner.  Maybe the tragic events of the original owner's life were so great that even family members did not want to keep it. 

They sold it to a fine jeweler, so that he can sell it to someone else....maybe you.

As you start to wear it, you nay never make the connection between the jewelry and your problems....As for one lady who purchased a beautiful diamond ring.  It took 13 years to figure out how toxic that ring had become for her.

The infamous Hope Diamond which came from India is surrounded by incredible history. 

Many believed that it would bring bad luck and even death to its owner.  It was donated to the Smithsonian Museum

How about buying a used furniture set?

Why not?  Especially if you get a really good deal. This substantial saving comes handy as business you started took off successfully.  Now you need a new office space and some furniture as your company is growing bigger.

But you don't know that the entire furniture set that you bought for a hefty discount belonged to somebody who lost everything they owned because they went bankrupt. 

Most probably you never "cleaned" the furniture or desk energetically... You also never noticed that from that time forward you started to experienced increasing financial obstacles and difficulties.

This can happen to all used things including cars, art work, antiques, jewelry, houses, etc.  Some people are more sensitive and can feel very uncomfortable.

 Other people might not feel anything at all but they will be affected by the powerful predecessor negative energy embedded in the item. 

Therefore it is exceptionally important to clear negative energy of any item. 

We should not feel paranoid about it at all. 

Just as we wash our hands, bodies and foods daily because we pick up negativity just in 24 hours of living, we need to clean items that possibly belonged to negative person or was present during negative a event. 

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Best Ways To Clear Negative Energy

1. Sea Salt is a powerful clearing tool for negativity

Salt is one of the easiest and extremely effective way to clear negativity, especially from houses or office rooms.  Salt crystals have natural ability to wipe our the programming of energy.  Using it is like using an eraser to wiped away information on the board. 

  • How to clear your home or office space with salt

Sprinkle handful of salt crystals all over the entire room and sprinkle some additional salt into each corner.  Leave overnight if possible and then vacuum the salt up.  Discard the bag outside.

  • How to clear jewelry items from negativity using salt

As mentioned before salt is simple yet very powerful clearing tool. 

Diamonds especially clear beautifully when soaked in salt water for at least 24 hours. 

You can also wrap jewelry items in dry salt and place them in aluminum foil to clear the energy.  However, not all pieces tolerate salt well and you need to be especially careful and never wash pearls or opals in salt. 

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2. How to clear negative energy using Essential Oils

One of my most favorite way to clear negative energy out of home, office or any items is to use essential oils. They not only disperse negative energy but they will refresh your home naturally, invite good Chi right in.  Essential oils are also antibacterial and antiviral so they help to make your home healthier naturally. 

Frankincense, Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Lemon Oil, Lavender, Peppermint, Clove Leaf and Cinnamon Leaf and Rose are a few powerful and beautiful ones to try. 

See what feels right FOR YOU ...

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Prepare and use the oil essence as follows:

Place 15-30 drops in a small spray bottle and mix it with spring water.  Use this simple essence to clean the object or spray the essence into the air in your home or office. 

  • You can regularly use lavender oil essence to protect your relationship and clear the energy in your bedroom, including your bed.  Just spray it around room and sheets.  You will be surprised how restful your sleep will be. 

  • Use the the essence of essential oils to clear jewelry, furniture, interior of your car and other objects.  Again Frankincense, Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Lemon Oil, Lavender, Peppermint, Clove Leaf and Cinnamon Leaf and rose are a few good ones to try. 


  • Use simple and inexpensive Essential Oil Diffuser to:
  • Increase air moisture, especially during cold winter months
  • Wipe out negative energies out of your home
  • Keep you home clean and smelling pleasantly fresh
  • Get relief from cold, flu symptoms and persistent viruses and bacteria flowing in the air
  • R e l a x  &  B  r  e  a  t  h  e.....

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Remember:  Always say a prayer or good positive wishes when clearing. 

You should feel immediately better after cleansing. Repeat home and office clearing regularly, especially after negative people or events happened.   

3.  The power of Nature is the best way to clear negative energy out of your home or office - always for FREE.

You might or might not realize how efficient the Nature is in recycling and renewing .  There is no waste or trash left behind.

Just a simple example of fall leaves coming down before winter, decomposing and nurturing the soil so it can grow new plants and trees in the spring....

All is used and reused wisely. We should observe and learn from the Nature all the time!

Let's use the Nature's powerful tools to really remove negativity from our living spaces and our bodies:

Sun, Water, Soil, Loud Noises and Living Plants 

  • How to clear negative energy away using the Sun (Always FREE & Superpowerful)

Sun has incredible cleansing properties.  Use it often in warm summer months.  Open up your window curtains to let sunshine inside your home and office.  Install skylights if possible to let natural rays in to literally brighten your days. 

  • Do regular cleaning with open windows, door and curtain during sunny days
  • Let the used object stay on the Sun for at least 24 hours to clear negativity.
  • Let your washed laundry dry out on the sun, especially your bed sheets.  Just skip those drying sheets full of unnecessary chemicals and perfumes. 
  • Take regular walks - where you skip sunglasses and sunscreens to let vitamin D into your body.  People with cancer and many other chronic diseases and children with Autism don't have to be tested on Vit D levels in their bodies.  It's well known fact that they all have very low levels of this supervitamin we get free from the Sun.

In addition sun rays also cleanse and recharge cells in your body.  To take advantage of sun energy, when hot summer arrives simply cover your body first with longer sleeves, caps, longer skirts and let it gradually get used to the sun. 

One way to help your body not to get burned during sunny days is to avoid eating any sugars or grains (especially wheat such as pasta, bread, cookies) when on the beech or exposed to direct sunlight.

Just ask people who are on Paleo Diet eating no sugar, no grains only tons of cooked and raw vegetable, fruits, raw juices and grass feed meat.  Their skin does not get burned or red on the sun! Period.

You should also regularly eat antioxidants found in Spirulina, Chlorella and Astaxanthin that not only prevent sunburn but also detoxify you gently and consistently.

Every morning I make sure that my entire family eat a few leaves of fresh organic cilantro (pulls heavy metals and many other toxins out of organs, brain, tissues)  with 3-4 tablets of each Spirulina and Chlorela.  Then we all have a fresh made smoothie. Hmm that's high energy!

Both Spirulina and Chlorella need sunlight to grow and when eaten they transfer the sun's pure energy into your body along with it's powerful and easily available nutrients.   

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  • How to clear negative energy using Water

Stream of rushing fresh water can really wash negative energy away. 

Nature has the most powerful ways to remove negativity and cleanse.  That's why you feel so good and refreshed near streams, waterfalls, and even when washing your face in the morning. 

  • You can put items in a fine mesh bag and secure them well in a rushing river or stream so they can stay there for an hour or more.  
  • You can do the same using ocean water.  Just go to the ocean and let the salt water clean and re-energize the item for you.  Cleansing power of the ocean water is amazing.  

  • How to cleanse negativity using the Soil

Ground can absorb negativity away from any item. 

  • Just wash the object and place it in the ground.  Mark this spot with a little flag.  
  • You can also place the item in the pot with soil and some seeds. 

  • How to use loud noises to break up negative energy patters:

There is a reason storms are accompanied by loud thunders.  Mother Nature knows that loud noises break up the energy pattern and allow it to disperse.  

One can see why people love fireworks and why the sound of a lound church bells feels so calming and cleansing.....

  • How to use living plants to clear negative energy away.

Vitality and energy of plants and vegetation add positive energy to your home. 

  • Plants with rounded leaves and flowers are the most effective. 
  • An odd number of plants creates more active and stronger energy than an even number. 

Always get rid of dead, dying and dried parts of the plants and make sure you water and maintain them. 

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Use Feng Shui to clear negative energy and to dramatically improve the energy of your home.

Yes, this is exactly the art of placement or Feng Shui.  Rearranging your furniture can have a huge and immediate impact on the energy of the room and house. 

In order to allow any negative energy to disperse arrange your furniture so that it creates as much wide open space as possible.  Let the bad move out and good move in. 

  • Clear the clutter as it blocks the energy circulation in your home and allows negativity settle and stay in.
  • Repair, renew and change - whatever is out of order in your home influences you to be out of order as well.  Replace burned out light bulbs, broken furniture or old ugly door mats. 

Remember:  Broken or no longer working items in your home gives you subconscious feeling of decay, disorder and negativity. 

Clear negative energy away and attract more positive energy by adding these energies:

  • color
  • movement
  • water
  • sound
  • light
  • living flowers
  • natural fragrance

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