Feng Shui Bagua An Ancient Energy System That Deeply Corresponds To Your Journey of Life

Bagua Map is the most basic tool used in Feng Shui analysis of your home or business. 

It is the best tool for manifestation of your dreams and goals because Ba-gua:

  • allows you to see how specific areas of your house or yard impact different areas of your life such as love, finances, health and others
  • it shows you how to change and enhance the energy centers, remove obstacles, bring in positive energy and program your goals

Bagua is a map that you superimpose over the layout of your home or office to find all nine energy centers or "guas".  As you know, everything in your home has specific energy that impact your life's success or failure. 

Because the energy centers or guas on Ba-gua correspond to specific areas of your life they can be improved and strengthen to help you succeed. 

Feng Shui Bagua map comes from a sacred text, the book of I-Ching, used to predict the future. 

To be exact, "Ba"=8 and "Gua"=area or triagram

8 areas of the Octagon signifies 8 areas of you life:

  • Helpful People
  • Career
  • Knowleadge
  • Family
  • Wealth and Money
  • Fame and Reputation 
  • Marriage and Parntership
  • Children

The 9th area in the center signifies you, your well being, health and vitality. 

When this Sacred Octagon is spread, it creates 3 x 3 square map tool that is used in homes and other spaces to adjust specific areas of life, especially problematic ones. 

Properly aligned Bagua map with your floor plan, allows to make changes to spaces so that energies of the Universe work FOR YOU instead of against you.

Feng Shui is many times referred to as The Art of Placement.  Our easy to use Ba-gua Maps for your Home and Business Bagua will allow you to design your home in harmony and maximize natural flow of energy for maximum benefits. 

There are always two ways in which Feng Shui helps you succeed. 

1. Physical - using map and Feng Shui furniture and object placement tips to make the actual changes to the layout of your room, house or any other space. 

Example:  when you finally remove long sitting clutter from your hallway or bedroom you will allow the energy to move more freely. 

Then you might also move your bed to better position, remove sharp edges and mirror aiming at your bed while sleeping.  You might also hang the crystal on the window.

All these changes will focus the positive energy and remove the negative force for excellent benefits that many people feel almost immediately.  

2. Psychological -stuck energy in our homes is many times a reflection of our state of mind.  It shows where our problems are.

Subconsciously, Ba-gua mapping and reading of your Life Areas helps you to focus on resolving the problem and enable you to create the circumstances to bring about the desired change. 

For instance, if you suffer from health problems focus on Health Life Area located in the center of your home.  Is there a bathroom with clogged pipes or moldy attic? 

If you need more money, analyze your Wealth / Money Life Area.  Make necessary changes, use Feng Shui color tips, hang powerful symbols of prosperity on your walls, remove clutter, fix lights in your hallways, use water fountains, etc to create the flow of prosperity to your life that you can see and feel in your home or office. 

Learn How to Use Bagua Map in Your Home and Download Detailed Home Ba-Gua.   

Learn How To use Bagua Map in Your Business and Download One.   

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