Feng Shui Bedroom Basic Principles to Attract and Keep Love, Great Marriage and Happiness In Your Life.

Feng Shui Bedroom principles emphasize that the well-being of the entire household depends largely on the energy, location and condition of the bedroom.  Good Feng Shui in the bedroom has a huge impact on your sleep, health, happiness and your intimate life. 

Most of us spend at least one-third of our lives in our bedrooms, however our younger siblings, our children or teenagers spend even more time in their bedrooms. 
It's critical to make sure that we can relax and regenerate well in our bedrooms. 

Deep refreshing sleep nourishes chi or life energy of adults. 

Well energized and balanced adults in turn feed this energy to their children.

Our Bedroom is:

  • a place of privacy where we come for peace, protection and relaxation
  • a place where we turn off the stresses and problems of the day
  • a place of private talks, quiet prayers and sometimes pillow tears

Bedroom is also one of the places of greatest intimacy, when we are alone with ourselves or with our partner. 

You can now see clearly why Good Feng Shui Bedroom principles are considered to be one of the most important ones in the entire home.

Good Bedroom Feng Shui = Good Relationships, Health, Happiness and Success

Which Bedroom Feels Better To You?

As you can feel from these pictures Feng Shui evokes subtle feelings that clearly make you feel better or worse.  Top photo is simple and balanced.  Bottom photo has a few undesirable Feng Shui bedroom elements such as slanted ceiling, overhead beams, large fan above the bed, no solid headboard, no window coverings and no overall balance. 

There are 3 basic Feng Shui bedroom principles we all should keep in mind before we move into more Feng Shui bedroom tips and advice. 

1. Feng Shui Bedroom Principle: When we are asleep we are being the most vulnerable.

We are the most vulnerable when asleep.  Subconsciously we are aware of possible dangers, so bedrooms need to be safe and private. 

Any perceived dangers or disturbances in the flow of chi coming, for instance, from a window or door that is too close to the bed, moon light, a slanted ceiling or a large moving ceiling fan will prevent the natural flow of energy in the bedroom and in and around your body. 

This often results in a sleepless night or frequently waking up and feeling tired and achy in the morning.  If bedroom Feng Shui is not corrected and our precious hours of regeneration and rest continue to be disturbed we end up paying a high price with tiredness,and other physical and emotional tolls. 

On the other hand, once you create good Feng Shui for the bedroom, positive results will surprise you or maybe even pleasantly shock you.

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2. Feng Shui Bedroom Principle: Location, Location, Location

When you have an option to choose a bedroom in your home, it's important to select the room that feels best to you.  When you are in a good positive state of mind and are calm and relaxed, take a walk through your home and feel which room feels the most restful and peaceful to you. 

According to bedroom Feng Shui, for most adults, rooms located at the front of the house are usually too yang or active.  Front sections of the homes usually face the street and are less private and noisier than the back part of the house.  Cars or people passing by, outside lights and noises can expose you to too much active energy at night, consciously and subconsciously.

The rear of the home is more yin or more quiet and peaceful and usually offers more protection and privacy.  Ideally, your bedroom should be located on the quieter or yin side of your home or apartment. 

On the other hand, your children have no issues with sleeping in the bedroom located toward the front part of the home.  Children's active or yang personality is a better match to the yang side of the home.  Just make sure their bed is located in a commanding position to offer security and peace at night. 

3. Feng Shui Bedroom Arrangement: The Five Celestial Animals Template

If you are unsure how to arrange all the bedroom furniture pieces, the use of The Five Animals layout can assure that your bedroom Feng Shui is supportive to your well-being. 

As you can see watchful and alert snake lies in the center facing the door - that's you. Your need for security is at the highest when you are asleep or resting.  Four remaining celestial animals in the form of furniture size and layout and your bed position serve as solid protectors.

A wise,powerful and far-sighted Dragon is always on your left and signifies stability. 

Strong Tiger, ready to attack and defend is always on your right side. 

The phoenix, collecting all sensory information about your room and also representing our vision, beauty and excitement is in front. 

The tortoise with its hard shell gives the feeling of security and protection from the rear attack.  It symbolizes security, longevity and wisdom. 

So how do you use The Five Animals to empower your bedroom Feng Shui?

Most of us don't realize how strong our need for security and relaxation is during our sleep time.  Any threat we perceive consciously or subconsciously will keep our body on constant alert. 

Our bedroom needs to feel protective and restful and in your bedroom, the correct Feng Shui bed position is crucial. 

Focus on Tortoise side which is right behind your head when you sleep.  Because of this, your bed should be made of natural material, preferably wood or bamboo.

Beds should be backed by a solid wall, not a window.  For windows behind your bed, see our Feng Shui Bedroom Cures section.  A solid headboard, preferably wooden, is one of the best examples of protection and support you need during your sleep.  This signifies the tortoise.

The area in front of your bed is signified by Phoenix, picturing vision, beauty and excitement so it is desirable to have as much space as possible between the end of your bed and your door. This lowers the element of surprise and subconsciously offers a great sense of security. 

The dragon side which is always on your left is perfect for any of your taller furniture pieces.  The tiger side on your right has the best Feng Shui arrangement with low furniture such as storage chest, lounge chairs or similar.

The next important step is to place your bed in the best Feng Shui bed position - The Commanding Position.  This position helps to keep you safe and is essential if you want to improve your health, relationships and intimacy. 

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