Bedroom Feng Shui Advice About What To Avoid In Your Private Sanctuary.

Our Top 16 Bedroom Feng Shui tips continue and on this page we will reveal what to avoid in your bedroom.  Many times we do not realize how objects that surround us continually affect our mood and actions on conscious and subconscious levels.

Your bedroom's Feng Shui has a huge impact on your relationship, love and intimacy as well as your sleep, health and success.  Adjust as many areas as possible to improve your bedroom's Feng Shui.  Positive results will surprise you or even pleasantly shock you. 

11. Avoid mirrors in your bedroom at night.

This bedroom Feng Shui tip is very important. At all costs avoid having a mirror facing your bed.  You should never be able to see yourself in the mirror as you stay in or go in or out of bed. 

According to Feng Shui principles, a mirror in your bedroom is not desirable because it reflects back and magnifies all the negative issues in your life such as sadness, depression, loneliness, feeling ill or relationship problems. 

Just ask yourself, when was the last time you felt strong and empowered looking at yourself in your bedroom mirror after you woke up in the morning?

If the first thing you see in the morning is your sleepy, tired or sad face with swollen eyes or messy hair,this image immediately lowers your confidence and self esteem and sets a tone which can affect your entire day in a very negative way. 

If you are single, for instance, you are less able to attract a partner.  If you are recovering from an illness, your recovery can take longer and be more painful. 

If you went to sleep sad, crying, worried or in physical pain your bedroom mirror will draw out and magnify those uncomfortable emotions and lower your vibrations instead of lifting your spirit up.

It is much better to see a picture of sun rising over the trees or a pretty green landscape first. 

In addition, street or moon light can reflect in the mirror.  When you wake up at night and see night lights and your ghost like reflection it can disturb your spirit and make the rest of your night uncomfortable to sleep.

A mirror also brings a stimulating yang energy into a calm yin bedroom. 

If you can't remove the mirror completely, cover it at night. 

The most important Feng Shui bedroom tips emphasize that you should avoid seeing your reflection in the mirror while in the bed. Many people noticed considerable and immediate change in the energy once they removed all the mirrors. 

A mirror can be safely located on the inside of the closet door or otherwise hidden from the direct view from your bed. 

12. Avoid moving the bed of a pregnant women

According to Bedroom Feng Shui Fertility Principles, moving the bed of a pregnant women can disturb the life energy present in the bed that started the conception and new life. 

For the good health of the mother and the unborn baby it's is strongly recommended that the bed not be moved at all during pregnancy. 

Also when trying to conceive, make sure there is no clutter or stored items under your bed or around your bedroom.  This creates stagnation in your life and can block you when trying to conceive. 

Just enjoy making your bed and bedroom a welcoming and clutter free place for your soon-to-be-bigger family. 

13. Avoid poison arrows in your bedroom

When two walls or pieces of furniture join, they form a sharp protruding corner called a poison arrow.  The energy stream that comes out of sharp corners is very harsh especially when aimed at places where you sleep or frequently sit. 

Over time, poison arrows can affect your health and relationships.

If your bedroom has pieces of furniture with large sharp corners, do your best to move the furniture away from pointing at your bed or cover the sharp corners with a tablecloth, or hang some nice fabric or an artificial vine on it.  See more Feng Shui poison arrow cures here

14. Avoid family photos or religious images in your bedroom.

Your bedroom is a very private place.  Bedroom Feng Shui tips suggest that you should not place too many photos of your friends, family members, etc. in your bedroom. 

Photos of parents and in-laws should be avoided as well as too many photos of children.

Looking at those pictures while in bed doesn't let your mind wander away and relax.  It also might keep you from fully enjoying time and intimacy with your partner. 

Religious pictures or statues should be avoided as well or placed so that they are not directly looking at your bed.  

15. Avoid flowers in your bedroom

According to Bedroom Feng Shui plants or flowers, as beautiful as they are, should be avoided in the bedroom (live, dried or artificial.) 

Especially, spiky plants like cactus or plants with spiky leaves should be removed from the bedroom immediately.

All plants emit yang energy - they are growing, living, synthesizing... all this active energy can interfere and disturb a good-night’s sleep. 

We all know that living flowers keep our air clean and provide oxygen for us but at night they compete with us for the same air we breathe.

So please move your beautiful plants to other parts of your home and keep your bedroom's energy yin, calm and supportive to restful energy. 

15.  Avoid Bathroom Energy Drains

Another important Bedroom Feng Shui rule is that you should not be able to see your bathroom when in bed.  Your bathroom door should be always closed or place an attractive screen to close off the view. 

Bathroom plumbing also drains the energy. 

It's good to get into the habit of keeping the toilet lid, all drains and the bathroom or shower door closed all the times when not in use. 

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