Good Feng Shui Bed Placement Is The Most Powerful Tool To Use To Take Charge Of Your Life.

The Feng Shui Bed Commanding principle is a simple but very powerful tool used in creating an auspicious Feng Shui in your bedroom.  

Finding your bedroom's power spot and placing your bed there helps you to feel well protected, empowered and in charge of your life. 

Many of us, especially in developed Western countries, have forgotten the need for constant protection in order to survive.  However, on a basic level our body is still programmed to look for dangers and do everything possible to keep us safe and away from dangerous situations. 

Here is a quick example that you can possibly relate a little bit better. 

When you visit a restaurant which seat are you most likely to choose?  Think about it... 

If given a choice, most people would prefer to sit across the room from the entrance with the widest view available of people, staff coming in and out and with their back to a solid wall as opposed to a window or door.

Can you feel how the power seat would just make you feel in control and empowered? 
It's also important to realize that you can't improve your relationship, health, income or any other area of your life without first feeling that you and your loved ones are as safe as possible.

As we are the most vulnerable when asleep, the correct positioning of our bed is crucial.  The Feng Shui Commanding Position of your bed is simply the best and most powerful spot in your bedroom.

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Feng Shui Commanding Position of Your Bed: How to find the best Feng Shui Bed Placement

This very supportive configuration will not only help you to feel safe and grounded but it will encourage the flow of good energy around you while you sleep and rejuvenate which increases your health and energy as well as career and relationship success.  

1. Find the best place for your bed according to the location of the main bedroom door.

The position of your bed relative to the main bedroom door is more important than any other principle including compass direction (see pictures below). 

Good Feng Shui Bed Commanding Positions

2. Place your bed as far from the main bedroom door as you can.

The best Feng Shui bed position is diagonally opposite the door.  So for instance, if the main bedroom door is on the left side, the best Feng Shui bed position is the far right corner of your room. If the door is in the middle, the best position is the far left or far right side of the room. 

The more distance you have between your bed and your main bedroom door, the more power and security you have in your space and in your life.

3. Make sure you can see the main door from your bed. 

The element of surprise is never recommended in the bedroom.  Position your bed so you have the widest possible view of the room and can clearly see the bedroom door when in the bed. 

The more open space you have between your bed and your bedroom door the more you grow and expand in your life.  A good Feng Shui bed position with a wide scope of view of the room puts you in control of your life. 

It symbolizes clarity, power and knowing what's coming. 

This change in energy translates into wonderful new opportunities in your career or business, stronger health and more happiness.If you can't see the door from your bed and you can't change your bed position, see our Feng Shui Bed Cures section for a solution. 

4. Don't put your bed in direct line with the main bedroom door.

 You should never sleep with your feet pointed out the bedroom door.  Having the bed in direct line with the door is known as the death or mortuary position in China. 

When your bed is in direct line with the incoming energy from the door, the energy or chi is powerful and runs too fast up your bed and your sleeping body. 

This unfavorable position will disturb your sleep and will greatly increase your chances of illness. If you are unable to move your bed in any way see our Feng Shui Cure for this "mortuary bed position."

5. Have a backing - a good solid headboard.

Your bed should be backed by the wall and should have a solid headboard.  

Headboards are symbolized by the Tortoise position. 

Headboards offer protection and solid backing therefore your headboard needs to be higher than the footboard of your bed which is symbolized by the Phoenix. 

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6. Have even more backing - a wall behind your bed.

Your bed should not be backed by a window but preferably by a solid wall. 

A solid wall, helps to keep the good energy,the vital chi, around your body as you sleep.

A window over your bed symbolizes a lack of solid support and backing in your life. 

A window over your bed lets all undesired energies such as moon energy, street lights and other sources of light to easily affect your sleep. 

Windows over your bed also allow the vital energy that is needed to support your health and vitality to get away too easily. 

As you can see, a dark, enclosed and quiet room is what our body needs for a good night’s rest. 

If you can't move your bed away from the window see our Feng Shui bed cures for an easy solution.

7. Feng Shui bed placement balance - have same open space on both sides of your bed.

  Ideally your bed should be placed so you and your partner have enough room on both sides to get in and out of the bed.  

The best Feng Shui bed position is always with a wall behind and with enough room on both sides to walk and have bedside tables if possible.

Even if you are single, both sides of the bed should be easily accessible. 

Placing your bed against a side wall can make you less flexible and stuck in life.  If possible, allow balanced space around your bed. 

Placing the foot of your bed against the wall is another unfavorable position. 

It can block good things from coming to you and cause your life to become stagnant which also increases chances of an illness.

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8. Feng Shui bed placement - avoid placing your bed on this wall.

Never place your bed on the same wall as the main door to your bedroom if possible. 

If you can't move your bed to another wall, place a small mirror opposite to the main door so you can see the door in the mirror when you open your eyes (don't place the mirror so you can see yourself while in bed). 

And always keep in mind that even if you cannot apply every principle of Feng Shui for your bed and bedroom layout, try to apply as many as you can.  Follow our Feng Shui Bedroom cures section to do cures for the rest.

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