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Feng Shui Tools

Feng Shui Bagua - An Ancient Energy System
Learn what is the Bagua Octagon as this deceivingly simple tool is a must if you want to improve your life.

How To Apply Feng Shui Bagua on the Floor Plan
How to apply Bagua map to your home's layout. All problems we face in our life are closely related to blocked or imbalanced energies in our space = our homes and work places.

Printable Bagua Maps
You can print the most helpful tool of Feng Shui - The Bagua Map and change the energy in every room of your house, office or business.

How To Correct a Missing Bagua Area
Any missing Bagua Area (Life Area) blocks the flow of energy and can hold you back from achieving your full potential.

Interior Cures for Missing Bagua Areas
If cures for missing Life Areas are not applied you will continue to experience difficulties and obstacles in the corresponding Life Area whether it is your Love, Career, Money or other important areas.

How To Energize Wealth Areas In Your Home
Money is Energy - Money has its own flow. You can attract the flow of money to bless your home and life.

Office Feng Shui

The Best Feng Shui Office Desk Positions
There is no limit to what good Feng Shui in the office can do for your. Good position of your desk is a key matter to your career success.

Know the "Predecessor Chi" or Your Desk's History.
Yes, the energy of other people can affect you. Make sure the energy of your desk works for you not against you.

The Best Feng Shui Office Desk Cures
Feng Shui office desk rules - decide which 9 items should be on your desk - energetically powerful and organized desk puts you on straight path to achieve desired career promotion, salary increase and good reputation.

How To Apply Bagua To Your Office Desk
Keep your desk well organized and energized using simple Bagua tool.

Ofice Desk Cures for Career Success
How to use Feng Shui desk tips for excellent work luck and overall well being.

Feng Shui Tips for Cubicles
Cubicle Feng Shui tips can immediately improve your work space and empower you to take control of your career.

For Mind, Body & Soul

Bless Your Food For Healthy and Vibrant Body
When you bless your food before eating your pure positive intention that you send out doesn't only affect your food. It activates positive emotions and responses from people around you and from the Universe. Feeling grateful is the best emotion you can choose to feel at any moment. It can literally transform your life.

Are You Earthing or Grounding Yet?
Modern research indicates that adequate supply of Earth's electrons is needed regularly to protect body from inflammation, stress, dirty or static electricity and host of other modern diseases.

Amazing Benefits of Walking Barefoot
There are countless benefits of walking barefoot. Generally the sicker you feel, the more striking health improvements you experience.

Earthing Mat
The Earthing Mat helps to connect and stay connected with Earth's beneficial flow of electrons during cold or bad weather, while working with computer or cell phone or while relaxing and healing body and mind

Clear Negative Energy

How To Clear Negative Energy Absorbed From Other People
It's good to know how to clear negative energy when you come into contact with one or more people filled with negative thoughts, emotions and mental tensions. These low emotions if directing toward you will translate into energy or certain vibrations that will lower your energy/vibrations thus making you feel weak and not yourself.

The Best Ways How To Clear Negative Energy From Objects Around You
It's critical to clear negative energy if you buy anything used and want to bring it to your home or office, especially if you don't know the history of that item.

How To Protect Your Children From Negative Energy
It's very important to clear negative energy around your baby or older children as they are very sensitive to negative vibes from other people. My grandma would always say that especially newborn babies are easily affected by negativity from other people.

Old Cure To Remove Negative Energy Instantly
Tiny Coals cure to clear negative energy should be applied especially when you feel suddenly physically ill after spending time with certain people or a person that intentionally or unintentionally harmed you with their energy. Aside from physical pain such as headache, overall weakness and sensitivity, nausea, vomiting and shaking you may also experience feeling emotionally drained, things falling out of your hands or breaking things or having an argument that evening etc.. And you wonder what is happening and why?

Four Most Common Ways We Can Pick Up Negative Energy From Other People
There are certain times when we can pick up negative energy from other people more easily. There are moments in our lives when we might be more vulnerable to other people's negative energy in a same way as we are more vulnerable to a flu virus for instance. Have you ever caught the flu and the rest of your family members were just fine?

How To Let Go and Forgive and Why You Must Do It NOW
Learning how to let go and how to forgive someone is essential to living at a higher level where you can experience happiness, freedom, and being in charge of your life. If you don't forgive someone you are not hurting them but yourself. Forgive and Let Go - Set Yourself Free.

How To Forgive Someone and How To Release Past Negative Event
If you wonder how to forgive someone and finally let go so you can feel better, stronger and happier inside out simply learn this powerful forgiveness mediation and do it regularly.

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