Amazing Benefits of Walking Barefoot

There are countless benefits of walking barefoot.

Generally the sicker you feel, the more striking health improvements you experience

It is essential to understand that inflammation - the cause of all chronic diseases from diabetes, heart disease to cancer and accelerated aging -can be greatly PREVENTED and REDUCED by reconnecting to the Earth

In the same way as all of our ancestors have done for thousands of years. And Do NOT forget that Earthing - Walking Barefoot is completely FREE!

When you start regular earthing it will restore natural source of energy that has been missing link in your life and health.

Great Health Benefits Of Walking Barefoot

My favorite Earthing Place in the park next to my children's school.  After I drop them off to school I walk and exercise barefoot on the short grass area and ALWAYS enjoy magnificent view.  What a simple Pleasure!  What a way to start a day! Have you discovered your favorite place to Earth yet?

Bad weather?  No problem.  I get all benefits of walking barefoot through my Earthing Mat.

The Earth is a natural source of electrons which our bodies need DAILY to restore and balance our systems - immune, circulation, hormonal, nervous and others. 

Research over the years attest to a boundless potential of Earthing and benefits of walking barefoot to help prevent and heal many of today's common and uncommon health issues.

Common Health Problems That Improve With Earthing

Benefits of walking barefoot come when earthing is done regularly. 

Many people report great improvement in chronic diseases that have been bothering them for years, including chronic fatigue. 

Better circulation, less swollen joints, healing varicose veins, less pain, more energy and better sleep are just some of the initial transformations. 

Issues like irregular and painful menstrual periods, headaches, moodiness and anxiety are greatly helped by regular Earthing.  

If you have menstrual pain, bloated belly and terrible headache go outdoor and plant your feet or sit on the ground for 30 minutes.  See what happens.  (ALL your pain will disappear...)

Any heartburn or acid reflux?  Just do the same. 

People with respiratory problems such as asthma and emphysema, including children start to breath and feel better with simple Earthing.

Who Says There Is No Time To Meditate?

For children grounding has a rapid calming effect.  Mother Nature calls all of us BACK!

Earthing has healing and stabilizing effect on our nervous system. 

Many of us, including children would greatly benefit from getting out into Nature more. 

A lot of new health and especially emotional problems that kids have today is directly connected to the lack of outdoors, exercise and lack of nutritious foods. 

Instead, kids today stay ungrounded (wearing shoes or being inside) pretty much all the time.  Many eat junk food and play on computers that exposes them to harmful EMF energies and unhealthy emotions when playing violent video games. 

How are their small bodies and minds suppose to deal with all that?

Please set the limits and take your family out to the Nature more, starting today... Your entire family will benefit by improving health, strengthening bonds and values. 

Today's children need simple Earthing and playing outdoors more than ever. 

More benefits of walking barefoot, including how earthing affects your blood...

  • For individuals that are bedridden, a grounding mat can eliminate or reduce bedsores. 
  • Difficult arthritis can improve dramatically with earthing
  • Skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, dry and itchy skin improve
  • Food and pollen allergies significantly improve or completely clear up

in addition, one of the most resent scientific discovery is that grounding makes your blood less viscous.

The after-grounding pictures of people's blood showed dramatic changes within a short period of time after person is in contact with the Earth. 

The blood appear thinner with fewer clumping and clotting. 

This suggest that people with inflammatory thick blood - typical in heart disease and diabetes can get huge benefits from simply earthing regularly. 

The thicker your blood is the slower it moves through your body. Oxygen and and nutrients are not efficiently delivered to your cells and toxins are not removed fast enough.

The thicker your blood is (doctors use the term viscosity) the greater the risk of forming clots. Earthing, because it makes our blood nice and thin, it can have a great impact on heart disease, as almost every health issue is connected with increase in blood viscosity. 

Warning:  If you are taking blood thinning medication such as Coumadin you should start grounding with the knowledge and approval of your doctor and only at minimal intervals. 

With regular earthing, blood thinning and other medications may require your doctor to slowly reduce your dosage. Earthing has dramatic blood thinning and decoupling effects on blood cells.  If needed, show your doctor the book Earthing from Clint Ober and Stephen T. Sinatra M.D. for more information. 

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