Tiny Coals Cure To Clear Negative Energy You Absorbed From Other People

This Cure to clear negative energy comes from Eastern Europe.  It has been passed down from generation to generation. 
To give you a quick example, let's say visitors come to your home, you all sit and catch up on what's new in your lives.  But as soon as they leave your baby starts crying intensely and even gets slight fever.  "That's From the Eyes", grandma says.  She makes Tiny Coals Cure and in 10-15 minutes child calms down.

The same may happen to you or to your loved one. Tiny Coals cure to clear negative energy should be applied especially when you feel suddenly physically ill after spending time with certain people or a person that intentionally or unintentionally harmed you with their energy. 

Aside from physical pain such as headache, overall weakness and sensitivity, nausea, vomiting and shaking you may also experience feeling emotionally drained, things falling out of your hands or breaking things or having an argument that evening etc..  And you wonder what is happening and why?

When it comes to interaction between two people - "From The Eyes" simply describes a spontaneous reaction that happens between two people during which one person experiences a disturbance of bioenergetic protection of his or her body.  This is usually accompanied by a variety of pain including strong headaches, nausea, weakness, loss of energy, increase in body temperature etc. especially in sensitive individuals, including babies and elderly.  

Tiny Coals Cure is very easy to do.  When you do it it flows naturally.  However, I divided it into 5 steps to make sure you clearly understand every step.   

When you suspect you need a cure to clear negative energy from your body follow these steps:

Step 1: Preparation

Prepare on your kitchen countertop:

Tall glass
Classic matches -9 pieces
Cold Water (can put 3 or 5 ice cubes in it)

Step 2:  Calm and Focus Yourself

You can't talk to anyone.  It's necessary to calm down and concentrate.  Don't talk loud. All is expressed in spirit only, no loud words.  Just you, your focus and your Intention.

Step 3:  Ignite Matches One After Another While Counting DOWN

Simply gradually ignite one match after another above the glass of water.  When the match is burned to about half, let it fall down into the water. 

While igniting,  count down each match as follows:

Strike the match above the glass with water. 
When it ignites focus on the flame and say Not Nine.
Wait until match is burned approximately half way and release it into the water. 

Take the next match #8
Strike the match above the glass of water again.
When it ignites focus on flame and say Not Eight
Wait until match is burned approximately half way and release it into the water. 

Take next match #7 and continue with same process until you count down with each match one after another :
Not Seven
Not Six
Not Five
Not Four
Not Three
Not Two
Not One

It is said that if the matches stay on the surface of the water you were not affected by negative energy.    However, if the matches fall to the bottom of the cup negativity absorbed from the other person is burned out. 

You can do this for yourself, your child or loved one.  This cure is very easy and very powerful.  

Step #4: Bless Your Water

Once you counted down all 9 matches bless your water by saying:

As it was in the beginning is now and ever shall be...

Thank you or Amen (if religious person)

Step #5:  Use Tiny Coals Cure to Remove Negative Energy

Now you use Tiny Coals Water to clear the energy for yourself, child or loved one. 

  • Dip your fingers into the water and make a cross or just rub your forehead first.  
  • Dip your fingers again and rub both temples - the areas on side of your eyes.
  • Dip your fingers again and rub your neck area with water to wash off negativity in the back of your body. 
  • Dip your fingers again and rub your left hand starting at the shoulder down - as if you were taking your sleeve off.  Once you reach down to your fingers pretend that you are pulling and discarding the energy away from your body.
  • Dip your fingers again and do the same with the other hand. 
  • Dip your fingers again and pull your hand from your belly all the way down to your foot. 
  • Dip your fingers again and do the same for other leg pretending you are pulling out and discarding the energy away once you reach down to your foot. 

Once done then take the rest of the water, open your front door and discard it outside from your house, knowing that it's all done and clear now. 

You should feel a change in your energy and change in how you feel immediately.  Any headaches, upset stomach etc. should stop couple minutes after that as well.  If you are doing it for your child he or she should feel relieved and stop crying or being restless after a couple of minutes as well. 

I know that once you try it and see how it feels you will always keep this simple cure to remove your negativity as one of your quick and easy tools to go to.  I'm glad I could share this treasured cure with all of you.

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