Lucky Feng Shui House Extensions - Do you have one in your house?

Feng Shui house extensions are the exact opposite to missing areas.  An extra area coming out from any room in your house is considered to be very lucky. 

Room extension lets more energy flow into your home and into the corresponding Life Area.  For many, the most advantageous extensions are located in Wealth, Health, Career or Love Life Area.   

Does my house has a lucky Feng Shui addition? 

To determine if your home has fortunate projection is very easy. 

If you have an area sticking out of your home, first you need to measure the length of the entire wall from left to right. 

Then measure the length of the wall that is sticking out.

If the part of the house that is sticking out is equal to one third or less of the entire length of the wall you have lucky extension that naturally supports your Life Area.

In our case we have 30 ft of the entire wall that we need to divide by 3.  This tells us that we have lucky extension if wall measures 10 ft or less. 

Our extension  wall measures 8 ft so we are lucky! 

As you can see on the picture above, extension in the Wealth Area of the house lets more life energy or chi to enter and positively influence cash flow and prosperity of the owner of the house. 

Do you want to increase this added benefit even further?

Consult our Enhancement Bagua and see what Feng Shui symbols and colors you can add to your Feng Shui House Extensions to reap maximum benefits. 

You can also click here to print Basic Bagua Map and learn how to enhance your home for maximum energy.

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