This effective Feng Shui Office Desk Advice will help you maximize your career success.

Our first Feng Shui office desk advice explained how to place your desk using commanding position that makes the difference between a successful and progressing career and one filled with setbacks, problems and frustrations. 

Remember:  The most empowering career move is to place your desk in the commanding postion and find out your desk's history. 

Feng Shui Power Deck: Why is it important to know your desk's history?

According to Feng Shui principles, it's very important to find out "predecessor chi" or your desk's history

This is the energy that has been imbedded in things that belonged to another people. 

Some women especially are very sensitive and can find sitting at the desk owned previously by dishonest or negative employee quite uncomfortable. 

Others might not feel anything but they will still find themselves affected by this powerful predecessor energy. 

Yes, the energy of other people can affect you. 

Let's say you started a small business company and bought a furniture set from a discount store.  You got a really good deal. 

However, what you don't know is that you bought a furniture set from someone who lost everything they owned because they went bankrupt. 

You probably never notice that from that day forward, you started to have more financial difficulties and setbacks. 

And of course, you never "washed" the desk and the rest of the furniture or energetically cleaned it in any way. 

This can happen to cars, houses, jewelery pieces etc...Imagine what can furniture or any other object pick up in years of use. 

And we all wash our hands, body and foods because of negativity we pick up in just 12 hours of living our lives. 

Feng Shui Office Desk Advice:  Make the energy of your desk work for you

  • If the person before you was promoted, left for a better job or happily retired, you will be blessed by positive Chi as well. 

It is also desirable to "inherit" or purchase furniture especially desk and chair from successful and prosperous person or business.  You and your career will greatly benefit from strong positive energy embedded in these items.

  • If the person before you was negative, fired by the company, disliked by many or left due to sickness, you must either try to get a new desk or apply cleansing cure to clear negativity. 

If you can get a brand new desk that would be the best option. 

Otherwise you need to cleanse your office furniture to remove any negative energy lingering from your desk as soon as you can before bad karma can affect your life and career. 

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