The More I Experienced Food Allergies, Gluten Intolerance, Gut Inflammation and IBS, The More I Wanted To Understand These Conditions. 

Modern day diseases such as food allergies, gluten intolerance, gut inflammation, IBS Celiac disease, hemorrhoids, diarrhea or constipation, diabetes, arthritis, and obesity are aggravated by today's diet and a poorly functioning digestive system.  First our digestive health then our overall health moves slowly and surely into a downward health spiral. 

But fortunately, with strong will and desire to heal gut related issues CAN be alleviated with an anti-inflammatory diet and a healing protocol

It's not easy but it must be done to heal and be healthy, otherwise these conditions will only worsen and health will deteriorate rapidly. 

We are very addicted to our processed (acidic) foods, stressful (acidic) lifestyle and negative and worrisome (acidic) thoughts.  There is a lot of resistance to change our ways of eating and thinking but once we make decision and embrace the change things will start working out for every one of us more and more. 

On my own journey of gut healing, I started to look for solutions, researching books and websites.  It was a slow and overwhelming process even with my good knowledge of human biology and biochemistry.

On the bright side, my search for permanent gut healing solutions gave me an excuse to visit my beloved Barnes and Noble more often where I could sip my favorite teas and review endless numbers of books.  I started to really enjoy this journey and it made everything easier.

Once I started to understand the food and gut connection and slowly changed my diet, I started to notice more and more positive changes.  

It is knowledge and understanding that give you the power to change your life.  We can’t know what we don’t know!  Knowledge empowers you. 

Once you understand food and how it affects your body, it's easier to make changes you need to make and stick with healthy changes for life. 

Food Allergies, Gluten Intolerance And Other Gut Problems Are Linked To Roundup Toxicity

The growing epidemic of food allergies, gut intolerance, Celiac Disease and other very serious gut problems are linked by many researchers to the low and consistent exposure to glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup. 

Glyphosate is linked to destruction of the gut microbiome which is foundation of health for humans as well as for livestock, bees, butterflies and other insects and animals that are  all suffering or dying off in large numbers (bees, butterflies) from herbicide exposures. 

Glyphosate damages gut by disrupting our gut microflora and preventing body from absorbing important nutrients.  It  also causes increased intestinal permeability which is linked to food allergies and host of other food sensitivities.  

With research, I started to clearly see why I have severe sensitivity to processed food, especially with genetically modified ingredients such as wheat, soybeans or corn. 

These foods are genetically altered to withstand heavy pesticide use. They are grown in mineral depleted soils and sprayed heavily with pesticides including Roundup.

For instance, genetically modified corn's DNA was engineered with a gene from soil bacteria called Bt (Bacillus Thuringiensis) that produces a dangerous Bt-toxin. 

This toxin is a pesticide that breaks open the stomach of certain insects and kills them.  Simply put, our nutritious corn was re-engineered to contain Bt Toxin in every single corn cell, in every single kernel of corn destined to be consumed by people or livestock. 

This corn is additionally being heavily sprayed by the herbicide Roundup which was shown to disrupt and kill beneficial bacteria in our gut.  It also causes birth defects, hormone disruption, sterility and cancer.

These harmful chemicals added to crops don't pass safely through our bodies as the genetically modified industry would want us believe. Remember the tobacco industry’s claims?  Smoking used to be "good" for you, just keep buying our product....

Research confirms that the chemicals added to genetically modified crops are entering the body through eating meat, milk and eggs from farm livestock which have been fed genetically modified corn. 

In a landmark study at the University of Sherbrooke Hospital Centre in Quebec, scientists from the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, took dozens of samples from women. Sadly, the traces of the Bt-toxin were found in 93 percent of the pregnant mothers and in 80 per cent of the umbilical cords of their babies.

This and many other findings appear to contradict the genetically modified industry’s long-standing claim that any potentially harmful chemicals added to crops would pass safely through the body.

Genetically modified organisms (GMO’s) not only destroy anything living around them, but they also destroy us. So please think twice before you use Roundup on your lawn, garden and around your loved ones and pets.

More and more I could clearly see how my food allergies, gluten intolerance, gut inflammation and IBS was deeply connected to my diet, to the food I chose to eat every day.  It wasn't only genetically modified foods but all variety of nutrient empty, lifeless and highly processed foods I was eating. 

As I continue on my healing journey, my new life creed has become:

To eat ONLY what my Great-Grandmother would recognized as food back 

100 years ago

So no more sodas, cereals, sugar and artificial colors loaded bakery items, bread with unpronounceable long list of ingredients, ice-cream, all sorts of "healthy" bars, candy, peppermints, canned items especially canned tomatoes sauces and soups, etc.  And of course I excluded as many items as possible made with GMO ingredients, mostly by buying organic in stores like Trader's Joe and eliminating gluten containing grains altogether.

Lee Holmes Ebook Heal Your Gut - You Can Start Today - Click Here

When you think about it - basically these items are all dead food that doesn't provide our body with any energy.  Instead it takes our energy, valuable enzymes and many minerals away from our bodies for digestion and elimination of all toxic, lifeless ingredients. 

Hmmm no wonder I felt tired and sluggish after my meals and experienced different food allergies ...

This process of elimination was not easy to implement but results were astonishing. 

When I started to eat more real (unprocessed) food and eliminated grains with gluten, my food allergies, gluten intolerance,gut inflammation and IBS greatly improved but did not go completely away. 

I still suffered flare ups which could last from one day to a couple of days.  I couldn't figure out why so I kept searching for the missing link.  One day I came across Lee's book.  I could immediately relate to her story which motivated me to carefully review her healing story in the Heal Your Gut book.   

In her book, Lee connected a lot of missing dots for me. 

I had done a lot of my own research and it was validated in Lee’s book but I was pleasantly surprised to discover a treasure of additional tools to help me heal my gut.  She explained everything in such easy to understand steps and because her message was so powerful, I decided to give her program a try. 

I followed Lee's advice and made further improvements and changes to my diet.  For example, eliminating Candida overgrowth and re-balancing my damaged gut flora with probiotics and fermented foods finally brought more stability into my gut health and eliminated my flare ups and helped with food allergies. 

Her powerful juice and internal cleansers recipes helped me to alkalize my body.  I began to notice fewer cravings for sugary or processed food.  I could now easily pass by my favorite pizza place without even thinking of having a slice and feeling bad that I couldn't.  

Once you balance your gut, cravings lose power over you.

I also notice that I have less and less food allergies. my immune system is stronger, I have more energy and my mind is more focused.  Finally, Yay!

Lee also covers other hidden causes of gut problems and made suggestions of oil pulling and dry brushing which have been life savers for me in terms of detoxifying my body of bacteria, viruses and fungus.  My lymphatic system was empowered to finally release all accumulated toxins and chemicals out of my body. 

Please don't skip these simple techniques.  Many people are looking for a magic pill, expensive cosmetic procedures or exercise devices to make them look and feel better.  You will be astonished how something simple like oil pulling and dry brushing done regularly can transform your health and looks! And very inexpensively!!

As I Healed My Food Allergies, Gluten Intolerance, Gut Inflammation and IBS, I Also Improved Many Other Aspects Of My Health and Wellbeing.

There are some amazing improvements other than gut healing on this program as well.  The cellulite on my thighs is almost completely gone, my face has a beautiful glow and the skin all over my body feels and looks younger.  

When my husband said that my skin feels like a baby’s skin I was so ecstatic.   It really does feel and look very different! 

I also eat less and feel full, strong, vibrant and full of energy.

As I learned to eat more nutritious food my body could easily get nutrients it needed. 

When we eat processed food that is empty of nutrients, our body has no choice but to ask for more and more food in hopes that the next plate will have something more nutritious on to provide nutrients your body so desperately needs. 

But when you keep eating junk this vicious cycle continues while disease promoting bacteria, virus and fungus continue to thrive and release their toxic load. 

This creates further imbalance in the gut, increases acidity of tissues and organs and weakens the body. Food allergies and other sensitivities follow next.

I realized how my unhealthy cravings and eating habits slowly but surely propelled me to a downward health spiral. 

Today, I don't have to overeat ever again thanks to Lee's healing recipes, power juices and smoothies.  I created my food and exercise routines and slowly transformed them into habits that I no longer have to even think about. 

I do it automatically and I keep thriving.

Dream, Visualize, Feel, Create Amazing Routines and Rituals and Achieve

Was it easy?  NO!  It took real effort, hard work and willpower.  But I didn't see any other way out, so I stuck with the program all the way. 

I used to be angry at my body most of the time.  I used to think about what is wrong with me and my body...

Not anymore. 

I added 2 powerful mindset books The Magic and You Can Heal Your Life to my lifestyle and diet change.  I worked on my body and my mind at the same time because negative self talk can sabotage the best intentions and plans one might have. 

Along the way I learned valuable lessons :

  • to be patient
  • to be thankful and grateful for health I did have
  • to be so grateful for amazing healing that my beautiful body was capable of
  • to enjoy NOW, to release PAST and to appreciate TOMORROW

The rewards are worth the effort.  My confidence increased dramatically.  In addition, my mind beams with pure clarity and I can focus to start and finish any project I need to successfully.   YEESS!!

I followed Lee's detailed advice restoring my digestive health and helping my body to remove toxins.  My food allergies, gluten intolerance, gut inflammation and IBS are now only a past memory and ever present warning to be kind to my body. 

It feels so good to be in balance again!


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